Fashion and Style in Hotels: Interiors Inspired by World Designers

Image bydronepicr

In today's competitive hospitality industry, hotels are constantly looking for ways to set themselves apart and create unique experiences for their guests. One way they achieve this is through their interior design, which can be heavily influenced by the world's top designers.

Designers like Philippe Starck, Kelly Wearstler, and Marcel Wanders have all made their mark on the hotel industry with their distinct styles and innovative designs. From luxurious minimalist decor to bold and eclectic patterns, each designer brings their own flair to the spaces they create.

Philippe Starck, known for his sleek and futuristic designs, has designed hotels around the world that reflect his avant-garde aesthetic. From the iconic Delano Hotel in Miami to the quirky Mama Shelter in Paris, Starck's influence can be seen in every detail of the properties he touches.

Kelly Wearstler, on the other hand, is known for her bold use of color and patterns, creating spaces that are both glamorous and playful. Her designs can be found in luxury hotels like the Viceroy Beverly Hills and the Proper Hotel in San Francisco, where her vibrant style adds a touch of Hollywood glamour to the spaces.

Marcel Wanders is another designer who has left his mark on the hospitality industry with his whimsical and imaginative style. His work can be seen in hotels like the Mondrian South Beach in Miami and the Andaz Amsterdam, where his surreal designs create a sense of wonder and enchantment for guests.

Overall, the influence of world-renowned designers on hotel interiors has transformed the way we experience hospitality. From sleek and modern to bold and eclectic, these designers have pushed the boundaries of traditional hotel design and created spaces that are truly unforgettable.